The Meyers Group is a full service government relations and business development firm providing a broad range of consulting services to clients who are at a mission critical point in their business endeavours and are looking to improve their business by influencing government officials, achieving faster government certifications, enhancing collaboration between agencies, gaining clarity on specific project related issues, and creating new business opportunities. J.R. Meyers, former Chief of Staff to Councilmember Yvette Alexander, established the company after 5 years of service in government.

The Meyers Group LLC spends its time making sure that key government decision makers know who our clients are. What this translates to is our clients getting the best that government can offer. In specific we help our clients partner with the government in ways that allow our clients to achieve strong measurable success.

Our Philosophy

The Meyers Group philosophy is to be ready when a client’s needs demand it, and to be a strong business partner with each of our clients. We believe that successful partnerships start with confidentiality and mutual respect, and end with the achievement of client goals.

Our Expertise

We are experts at working with clients who are at a critical point in their business activities where business and government intersect. Prior to engaging our clients we often serve as information advisors to those in government, assisting with interests both in and outside of the executive and legislative process, including campaigns and grassroots activities. This allows us to maintain our position as political “insiders” and create opportunities within government for our clients when our clients’ needs require it.

Areas of Expertise include:

  • Access and arrange strategic introductions to key decision makers.
  • Creating opportunities to strengthen relationships with the decision makers who play important decision and policy-making roles affecting our clients.
  • Lobbying for, or against, particular bills or amendments.
  • Interacting with regulatory agencies so that the agency becomes a partner to our clients.
  • Navigating the government process for businesses and non-profits.
  • Reviewing and reporting on proposed legislation.
  • Drafting proposed legislation and amendments.
  • Analyzing the potential impact of proposed legislation through the rulemaking and regulatory process.
  • Expediting the release of government funding.
  • Securing Tax abatement and the associated funding.
  • Assisting in securing permits and approvals that might be required from local agencies.
  • Develop and execute “issue and brand” campaigns.
  • Developing coalitions to build support for legislative and budgetary objectives.
  • Preparing talking points on substantive issues.
  • Assisting real estate developers in the many phases of project development.
  • Identifying commercial opportunities for business clients.
  • Testifying before legislative committees, government entities, and at public hearings on behalf of clients.
  • Assisting in creating the right message for RFP responses.

Ethics & Standards

We are committed to working on behalf of our clients in an accountable and ethical manner, in full compliance with all laws and regulations. Our credibility and reputation demand the highest levels of professional responsibility. We commit that our work and interactions with public officials will always reflect positively on our clients.

Jon R. (J.R.) Meyers

Senior Partner

Jon R. Meyers (J.R), Senior Partner of The Meyers Group LLC, holds a Juris Doctor and brings more than 16 years of senior management experience in public and private enterprises, as well as extensive experience in running and winning political campaigns. For more than 5 years, he has served as the Chief of Staff to Council Member, Yvette Alexander (Ward 7). Councilmember Alexander is Chair of the Committee on Health.

Mr. Meyers managed three (3) Ward campaigns for Yvette Alexander and two (2) citywide campaigns respectively for Robert Bobb, former DC City Administrator, and A. Scott Bolden, now Managing Partner at Reed Smith LLC. The campaigns have represented utilization of polling to drive mailings, field strategy, and fundraising.

As Assistant to the Chief of the Office of Specialized Service for Chicago Public Schools (Chief of Staff), J.R., along with a team, had oversight of an $800 million dollar division of the Chicago Public Schools providing all wrap around services to the 500,000 children in the Chicago Public School system.

J.R. was also General Manager for SCR transportation, one of the largest Para-transit providers in the country; providing successful supervision of drivers, call center staff, training programs, and vehicle maintenance.

This overall set of skills makes J.R. uniquely qualified to provide solutions to simple and complex client problems in health, education, development, transportation, and politics.

J.R. is a native of San Francisco, California. He has a BS from Morehouse College, and a J.D from Walter George School of Law. J.R. is married to Spelman graduate, Karen Mays Meyers (Managing Partner of the Meyers Group), from Chicago, IL and they have a daughter Nina Simone who graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy, class of 2014, and now attends Spelman College.

Karen Meyers

Managing Partner

Karen Meyers is Spelman College graduate and has 16 years of experience aligning business strategies for small businesses and startups. Karen’s expertise is in coaching, mentoring, improving and streamlining processes, project management, training and development. Karen has spent her career aligning overall business strategies with execution. She helps corporate and non-profit leaders reach their potential and execute their business strategies. Mrs. Meyers helps entities continue to reinvent themselves.

Karen’s formal experience is below; her real experience is keeping the Meyers Group LLC connected to decision makers and other leaders that support Meyers Group clients.

She also executes the Meyers Group event strategy which is central to developing and maintaining relationships in Washington DC. Karen Meyers was the Account Executive for the nations largest telephone marketing company, Dial America Marketing/Bellsouth, and Director of Operations for The National Center for Violence Interruption; a non-profit organization contracted with Chicago Public School. Karen has delivered results including a strong web presence and online strategy in conjunction with radio advertising and grassroots marketing to ensure the successful execution of multiple company business plans. Karen developed internal and external operational strategy and translated plans into operating tactics to be executed by sales teams including serving as liaison to external partners and agencies. Karen also expands the Meyers Groups political efforts by acting as a treasurer in a 2012 campaign.

Karen’s role in The Meyers Group LLC is to develop internal and external operational strategy and translating these plans into tactics to be executed in our sales strategy.

Karen Meyers is the mother of Nina Simone Meyers, a student at Phillips Exeter Academy class of 2014, and a native of Chicago.